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What is affiliate marketing?

An affiliate partnership is when someone promotes someone else’s’ product, in this case usually a website promoting our brand(s) by placing banners and/or links on their site. In return for bringing traffic, meaning new players, to our brands’ websites, the promoter gets commission based on how many new depositing customers they are responsible for and for the revenue they make. This is measured through the promoters own unique tracking links which we provide them with.

What is a sub-affiliate?

That is when one affiliate partner refers another affiliate partner, meaning signing up a new affiliate based on the existing affiliates’ suggestion.  The main affiliate partner receives additional commissions for every new customer the sub-affiliate partner sends through to the brands they promote for us.

How do I register as an affiliate?

We are about to go through migration and as such, please sign up to CherryAffiliates and you will be able to access earn brands as of beginning of January. Please sign up here: http://www.cherryaffiliates.com/sign-up/

Does it cost anything to join?

No, it’s free and we will provide you with the marketing material you need. We do however take a portion of your commissions for administrations fees and such. You can read more about it here under 1.10.


Which of your brands can I promote?

All the different brands have different markets, meaning countries, that they are valid for and some are not available to all players. To make sure you can promote a brand for your specific target country please visit our brands’ websites and read the terms and conditions.

How much will I earn in commissions?

That depends on how many new depositing customers you get and how much they generate in revenue. You can read more about how we calculate commissions here under 1.12 and 1.13, and here, but in general it all comes down to how actively you promote a brand. Once a player registers through you, then you’ll earn commission every month from that player, depending on game win and loss, and not just a onetime payment. So you should also focus on having your current registered players continuing playing.

When will I get paid?

Usually at the end of the following month if you’ve reached the minimum payout which is €50. If you did not reach the minimum payout then the commission is transferred to the following month(s) until you reach the minimum.

I still have some questions after reading your terms and conditions and this FAQ page, how do I contact you?

Send us an email at contact@earnaffiliates.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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